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FCL: As a first grade international freight agent, uts international logistics has rich experience in international shipping agency business, in Shanghai waigaoqiao port, yangshan port, wusong port area and the surrounding cities and major industrial zone investment established office, customs declaration, inspection declaration, warehouse, truck team and distribution team and facilities, such as set up throughout the world's major port agent network, providing customers with booking, customs declaration, inspection declaration, settlement, insurance, warehousing, transit, transit and related domestic road freight and logistics consulting business, through the China electronic port and EDI connection, such as information platform with customs, commodity inspection, foreign exchange management department direct exchange of data, simplify procedures, improve efficiency, reduce cost, at the same time through the agent network throughout the world airport, provide goods tracking information, the local customs clearance and distribution services.The letter logistics apply in domestic business networks in all major cities, with close cooperation, railway departments to the fastest and most efficient transportation, will closely connection ports and inland areas around the distribution center, to provide clients with consolidation, instant delivery and a series of logistics service supply chain.

LCL:Our company can handle the service for you all over the world, and the weekly shipping schedule is intensive, the price is reasonable, and the price is reasonable, and the destination port is reasonable.Regardless of any remote destination, as long as within our network, you don't need to worry about the journey, the transit problem, we arrange for you in the end, you can enjoy the most reasonable freight at the same time, the spell ark to 100 basic ports around the world, at the same time from the port with the most reasonable, the most rapid way points to every corner of the world.

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